Your Brand Registry

Focus on your brand, secure in the knowledge Nominet will power your infrastructure.

Today, we’re using our world-leading expertise to help some of the biggest brands in the world build personalised online spaces, including the BBC, Comcast and Bentley.

Why .Yourbrand?

  • A simpler message to consumers
  • A recognised online space where your customers can find you
  • Shorter, more social media friendly
  • Reduced cost of defensive registration, with all your domain registrations in one place

Creating a .yourbrand registry has many benefits

  • Full control – as the operator of your own brand registry, you can control who can register domain names
  • Snappy domains names – make your domain names more memorable to customers and signpost your content e.g. news.yourbrand, offers.yourbrand, social.yourbrand
  • Security and reputation – build assurance with your customers, who can visit your website safe in the knowledge that it’s the genuine article and not a counterfeit site
  • Additional revenue stream – sell .yourbrand domains as part of your franchisee package

Why Nominet?

  • Analytics across your entire registry including traffic data to non-existing domains
  • Track record of protecting brands
  • Our world-leading domain name infrastructure is safe, secure and resilient
  • Flexible registry service offering tailored to meet your needs

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